Friday, February 6, 2009

I bought the February 2009 Commerative Esquire Magazine because, well, it was this graphic designers way to affirm and acknowledge history. The Shepard Fairey image has become deeply embedded in the visual vernacular of his campaign and I find it to be incredibly powerful. What I loved about reading through this magazine was stumbling upon Fairey's comments as he recalled the day of the inauguration:

I called my mom, and I started crying for the first time in ten years. Then I deejayed and played "Jump Around" and the Rocky theme.

Also tucked away in the mag was a photo shoot with Anna Friel who I happen to think looks absolutely gorgeous in this shot. I'd honestly never heard of her but she has a bit of tv and film work under her belt. She's starring in Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell due out this month. And yes, I watched the 70s version of this show as a child.

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