Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One word only. Try it.
Where is your cell phone - desk
Your hair - greasy
Your mother - strong
Your father - creative
Your favorite thing - hope
Your dream last night - blank
Your hobby - foto
Your favorite drink - vino
Your dream/goal - liberty
Your significant other - away
The room you are in - focus
Your fear - financial
Where do you want to be in 6 years - traveller
Muffins - rarely
Where were you last night? - nearby
One of your wish list items - pocketwizards
Where you grew up - varies
Something you aren't - airy
The last thing you did - type
What you are wearing - jams
Something you aren't wearing - scarf
Your TV - friends
Your pets - mice
Your friends - required
Your computer - delight
Your life - busy
Your mood - scattered
Missing someone - hmmm
Your car - gone
Favorite store - anthropologie
Your summer - freedom
Your favorite color - icey
A place you go to over and over - office
Last time you laughed - today
Last time you cried - recently
Three people who email you - jen, jo, maria
Three of your favorite foods - sushi, tomkahgai, cobbed-corn
Three places you would rather be right now - london, paris, beach
Got this from Tracey

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