Sunday, June 14, 2009

I just joined the Designers Accord as a step toward increasing sustainable solutions in my discipline. I have long been considering how each of my daily routines can be more, shall we say, appropriate. From waste to water, I'm becoming more aware of the ways I interact with my world and want to find actions to creatively address the multiple layers of interaction.

Take recycling, for example.

Everyday I watch what goes into my garbage bin, the paper sorter and the plastics tub. On one hand, I have a system in place. On the other, I want one that is a bit more aesthetically pleasing and even more central (especially as an apartment dweller).

So I've been on the hunt for this, wondering if it actually exists out there. It seems to me that I may have to craft my own to suit my needs. As a designer, this strikes me as an interesting challenge.

In the meantime, I've come across this IKEA kids storage centre and wonder if it might serve my purposes in the kitchen as a "waste holding tank" prior to taking it out to the city-provided bins. We shall see.

Update: Ben The Bin

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